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Why won’t electric oven work?

Electric ovens do not work for various reasons, although the most common faults include

automatic turn-off, the broken heating element, if the thermocouple is burned or there is a

short circuit in the chain. Some breakdowns can be solved independently without the

involvement of experienced specialists, and some require professional intervention.

1. The oven switches off automatically

When the kitchen appliance or its electrical element overloads the system, the circuit

breaker is triggered. This helps avoid wiring fire and, as a result, fires. For an electric oven,

it will lead to a complete stop. If this happens and the oven has stopped working, check

switches and bring them back.

2. The heating element has burnt down

Heating elements are located in the lower part of electric oven. Efficient heating element at

work is shining with a bright red color with high heat release. The spoiled tubular heating

element is black, cold, with around crumbs of mechanical destruction. Therefore, if the

oven is on, but the item is not red and does not heat – invite the specialist home to replace

it with a new one.

3. The oven does not work because of the burned thermocouple

Thermocouple is located and functions in the bottom of the oven. It looks like a copper

wire and is attached to the burner. The burned part is of no use, since it does not produce

electricity. If you find that its integrity is violated, and it is covered with black soot, it is likely

you have to change it.

4. Faulty switches and faucets

Both gas and electric ovens are equipped with switches and buttons for switching on.

When there is fault in the electrical circuit or a short circuit in handles and switches, the

signal is not fed to the heating element. Such defect can be eliminated only by replacing

the switch, which is located behind the handle, and best of all, such replacement or repair

of electric cookers is to be performed by an experienced specialist from our service center.

5. A defective socket or low voltage in the network

Electric ovens may not work due to insufficient voltage in the network. If for some reason,

the oven does not get the required voltage, it will not turn on.

6. Defective thermostat

If the oven does not switch on or does not work properly, thermostat malfunction may be

one of possible issues. It carries an electrical signal controlling the level of the oven power

only partially. Although this malfunction is not as common as others are, it is still worth

paying attention to. Call the specialist for a thorough diagnostics and subsequent


7. Rupture in the temperature sensor chain

There is one more possible reason for electric oven malfunction. If the electric oven is too

hot, the heating sensor will open the electrical circuit and turn off the cooker. After

activation, the sensor does not return to its original position and needs replacing.

8. Failure of the programmer's board

Modern electric cookers have programs that control the functions of baking. Therefore, if

the oven does not work or bakes poorly, pay attention to the controlling component – the

control board. Control boards are often burned out by voltage surges. Its restoring is not

feasible, since there is a chance of re-combustion, for this reason it is better to replace it.

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