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Why won’t the dryer turn on?

Nowadays, it is a perfect appliance, which has been tested for many years. Therefore, they

almost never have deficiencies. All breakdowns are detected as a result of incorrect

operation of the machine or after some time. Therefore, the below are the possible reasons if

your dryer won’t turn on:


1) Engine Failure that prevents from launching the program.

If you want your dryer to serve you for many years, we recommend loading wet things into

the drum carefully. This is because spinning mechanisms receive considerable load. Try to

distribute your clothes in the dryer correctly, otherwise overloading and imbalance may

break down the engine, which will prevent the machine from turning on.


2) Unstable voltage.

Other damages are caused by power surges in the mains. Power decline (from 190 volts),

as well as its increase, prevent the electronic unit from launching. Power surges are

dangerous since they cause various electronic circuits and sensors to burn.


3) Sensor and electronics failure.

These elements may burn both due to natural wear (of old age) and incorrect operation.


In case of any malfunctions, please contact our service center. Our specialists will diagnose

the appliance and, if necessary, replace defective parts. If you fix the problem immediately,

the repair will cost you much cheaper, due to zero probability of failure of other parts that are

interacting with the defective one.

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