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What to do if the washing machine does not dry clothes?

The function of drying in washing machines sometimes fails and washed clothes are moist

after drying. Why is this happening?


The reasons may be different:

– Malfunction of the tubular heating element.

– Operation of a protective thermostat.

– Malfunction of the tubular heating element’s fan.

– The machine does not completely drain the water.


Before diagnostics and repair, unplug the washing machine from the power supply.

Early washing machines can wash the whole cycle with a faulty tubular heating element

without giving an error signal. The consequence of this washing is wet clothes. The tubular

heating element should be checked with the tester and replaced in case of malfunction.

The protective thermostat of the tubular heating element may also be a cause for

incompletely dried clothes. It comes into action if the tubular heating element is

overheated, which happens if you load too much clothes, and the hot steam overheats the

tubular heating element. If you need to dry a large amount of clothes, split it into several



Malfunction of the fan or clogging of the air circuit also leads to overheating of the tubular

heating element. The fan should be replaced and the air circuit cleaned.

Failure of the drainage system can be the cause of wet clothes after drying. Due to

clogging, some water may remain in the tank. Carefully check the entire drainage system.


If you are not sure if you can diagnose and repair the washing machine yourself, please

contact our company’s professionals.

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