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Washer Repair Service In Miami

Expert Local Repair of Foreign and Domestic Brands

Nobody likes dirty clothes, towels and linen. You need your washer to work every day. When your washing machine is broken, you run into a hygiene problem because you need clean clothes. Who can fix your washer? Call a reliable washer repair service and schedule an appointment today.

Our expert technicians know how to fix all major brands and models of washing machines: top or front load. They will diagnose the problem, give you an estimate for repair and fix the broken washer in your place.

If you are looking for local washer repair service in Miami, contact us. We are conveniently located and are able to schedule a prompt and fast service.

Types of Washers We Repair

Specializing in all Types of Washers
  • Front-Loading Washer
  • Traditional Top-Loading Washer
  • Combination Washer and Dryer


Local Technicians
same and next day service

Fixed Prices
on diagnostics and repairs


90 day warranty
on all repairs

90 day warranty
on OEM manufacturer parts

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Mon-Sun: 8am – 9pm

Live Operators: 24/7

We provide full service repair



Advance Appliance provides the high quality service for all main brands of washing machines.


We fix 89% of the breakdowns at your place. Our technicians fix the problem in a timely manner and provide you a guarantee for their services. You won’t even notice how quickly you will come back to your regular pace of life.


If there is a need, we replace the broken parts and the ones, which are out of order, with original parts from the producer of the respective brand. Advance Appliance uses only the original parts to guarantee the 100% quality performance.

Washing machine brands

That We Professionally Repair
Whirlpool cooktop repair service NJ Maytag cooktop repair service NJ LG cooktop repair service NJ Jenn-air cooktop repair service NJ
General-Electric cooktop repair service NJ Frigidaire cooktop repair service NJ Kenmore cooktop repair service NJ Amana cooktop repair service NJ
Samsung cooktop repair service NJ Bosch cooktop repair service NJ KitchenAid cooktop repair service NJ Electrolux cooktop repair service NJ

When Should You Call A Specialist?

Common issues
    • Not enough water/ Doesn’t fill with water

Do you notice that water does not fill up the washer? It can be explained by low water pressure, but if your water pressure is excellent, then something else is wrong. There is no way to achieve good washing results without water. Call local washer repair service to schedule an appointment.

    • The washer is shaking and jumping

Do you notice that your machine is jumping up and down in your laundry room? It should not bounce and move around. If it does, it means something is not right. Call an experienced technician so he can come to your place, identify a problem and fix it.

    • Water Temperature Problems

When your washing machine does not use cold or hot water properly, it can ruin your clothes. You set it to cold cycle, but it runs hot water. You need to do something to fix the problem otherwise you will have to go shopping for new clothes more often than you want. Call the repair professionals, and they will fix the temperature problems in your washer.

    • Washer is leaking

Leaking washing machine can cause severe problems including flooding. If you see that your device is leaking, immediately disconnect it! Even if you notice a small leak, contact a repair specialist right away! Better safe than sorry: you do not want to combine electricity and water in your laundry room.

    • Strange noises

Do you hear peculiar drumming or hissing noises coming from your washer? When it is more loud than usual, disconnect it immediately and call a repair service to schedule an appointment with a repairman.

    • The washing machine doesn’t start

Do you want to do laundry but your washer is unresponsive, and you cannot turn it on? It is broken and needs professional attention and service. First of all, check if you have electricity in the house. Check if the washer is plugged in. If it does not solve the problem, call a reliable repair service.

Other appliances

That We Professinally Repair

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Servicing Miami-Dade and Broward Counties
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