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Tips For DIY Fixes

Try these DIY before calling a repairman?

Some fixes are easy: so try some basic DIY tricks before your call a repairman. Remember, that to examine your appliance you need to disconnect it from electric power! Try our simple do-it-yourself tips but be careful. If you do not want to take a risk, place a call to our scheduling service. Our technician will be at your house or apartment next day to diagnose and to fix the broken appliance.

Advice on Troubleshooting Home Appliances

Troubleshooting for All Home Appliances

Before you call a repairman, see if you can fix the problem yourself. Most home appliances have a computer-controlling unit, so try to reset it. To do it, unplug your device for 2 minutes, then plug it back in.  It will reboot all units of your appliance, and it might start working again. If not, that error code will be displayed on the screen. Unplug the device and plug it back again. Hopefully, it will solve the problem. If not, call our professional technicians.

  • fridge-1
    Refrigerator breaks are annoying and expensive. A quick diagnostic visit followed by repair can save your refrigerator. Refrigerators break because of common problems. Follow our advice to make your fridge more reliable. Your refrigerator has to be positioned at least 4 inches away from the wall. Promptly clean excess dust and debris from the back and sides of the fridge. Regularly defrosting your refrigerator at least once a month: it will help to keep it in good shape. Make sure your close the doors of your refrigerator tight every time you use it. Plug in your fridge at least 24 hours before the visit of a repairman so he can determine the problem.
  • dishwasher
    Dishwasher makes our life more comfortable. Dishwasher brakes result in unwashed dirty dishes overflowing the sink. If your dishwasher does not function properly, check if there is hot water pressure. Do not overload dishwasher!  It will create a better washing during the wash cycle. Cups and glasses should be placed on the top rack. It will quarantine they are washed. Check the drain and pipes, and make show the dishwasher drains appropriately and does not overflow. Disconnect the appliance, and clean the drain from the debris. Try to pump the drain. You can also use vinegar to clean filters and rinse it.
  • cooker
    The cooktop is the heart of the kitchen. Most of the brakes are easy to repair, but you are not authorized to work with electricity and gas. You need a repairman. However, you may try simple tips to try to fix it. First of all, clean it from food stains and debris. Clean all burners and coils from dust and spots by soaking in detergent and drying. If you detect the gas odor,  immediately disconnect the cooktop from the gas line. The average work life for burners is 4- 5 years. Keep them clean to avoid corrosion. Clean all mechanical parts like knobs. If you detect the gas odor, immediately cut off the gas supply and contact your gas company.
  • oven-1
    Ovens are essentials for the kitchen if you like to cook. When you choose a brand, select the model with the best insulation and pay attention to additional features like timer and electricity efficiency.To ensure your oven function properly for a long time: clean it regularly. Never place anything on heating elements. Replace heating elements every 4-5 years. You can also run a self-clean function to get rid of tough grease stains. The oven door has to close tight.If you smell a gas odor, cut off the gas supply and call your gas company. Gas leaks are hazardous: do not try to fix it yourself. Gas leakages are considered emergencies and gas company serviceman will be in your home within 24 hours o check it.Call our repair company to schedule service, inspections, maintenance and repairs.
  • washing-machine-1
    Everybody like clean clothes but does not like trips to the local laundromat. You can buy and use top-load and front-load washing machines: all of them require proper handling and maintenance.  Never overload your washer. If you hear weird noises drumming immediately disconnect the washer. Never under-load your washer. Pay attention to the levels of water in the drum. If there is water left in the drum at the end of the spinning cycle, you should check filter of the drain.  You should keep the pipe clean. To clean your washer, use special detergent. Use a recommended amount of detergent. You can also run a hot water cycle for front-load washing machines. For appliances you need to use only special detergents. Clean all filters and leave the door open for air circulation when the washer is not used Wash large items like blankets at a laundromat.
  • dryer-1
    After you washed your clothes, you need to dry it. Your dryer will work longer and better if the exhaust systems function well. You should check and clean filters and vents to prevent brakes. Such a simple trick will save money, time, and other problems.

Your filters should not be obstructed or clogged. Do not leave your clothes wet inside the dryers to prevent bad odor.  Service your drier on a timely basis: replace bad belts, filters, and heaters. Our technician will service your home appliance and will guarantee its function for many years.

Call us and schedule a visit of our repairman!

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