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How to take care of a dishwasher?

For any appliance to function long and remain constantly serviceable, you need to take

proper care of it. Dishwasher is no exception. Here are few simple but effective tips:


1. Periodically, clean an empty machine with dedicated detergents. You must follow

manufacturer’s instructions on the use of detergents and rinse agents. They are produced in

the form of powder or tablets.


2. Clean dishes from food remains before loading them to avoid dishwasher failure.


3. Wipe the machine casing with a damp cloth with gel. Wipe the Control Panel with moist and

well-wrung sponge to make sure no water gets inside.

Do not use steam cleaners, powdered mixtures to clean your washing machine.


4. Always keep an eye on the level of salt and rinser in the tank. Maintain a certain level of

salt in the dishwasher dish, as it helps get rid of scale.


5. Regularly check filters, upper and lower dispensers. They may get clogged. Although

filters are considered to be self-cleaning, occasionally they still require forced cleansing.


By following these simple rules, you will ensure long and comfortable functioning of your


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