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Ranges Repair Service in Miami

Expert Local Repair of Foreign and Domestic Brands

Cooktops and ranges are indispensable in the kitchen of real cooking fans. If you often treat our friends and loved ones to exquisite dishes and tasty meals, you can’t imaging our life without baking, then a broken range or stove can be a huge problem that needs to be solved immediately.

If an appliance quits working properly it can easily influence the quality and taste of the prepared meal. You don’t want to have to explain that the reason the meat was dry was because of the range. Why do you actually even need all those excuses or explanations if you can call a technician who can repair your kitchen appliance? We provide reliable stove repair services in Florida. We offer home range repair with the best terms you’ll find.

Advance Appliance technicians will make repairs quickly. They will identify the correct cause of the trouble, and repair it in a timely manner.

Types of ranges we repair

Specializing in all Gas and Electric Types of Ranges
  • Electric Ranges
  • Drop-in Ranges
  • Slide-in Ranges
  • Gas Ranges
  • Freestanding Ranges
  • Dual Fuel Ranges


Local Technicians
same and next day service

Fixed Prices
on diagnostics and repairs


90 day warranty
on all repairs

90 day warranty
on OEM manufacturer parts

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Mon-Sun: 8am – 9pm

Live Operators: 24/7

We provide full service repair



Advance Appliance provides the high quality service for all main brands of home appliances.


We fix 89% of the breakdowns at your place. Our technicians fix the problem in a timely manner and provide you a guarantee for their services. You won’t even notice how quickly you will come back to your regular pace of life.


If there is a need, we replace the broken parts and the ones, which are out of order, with the original parts from the producer of the respective brand. Advance Appliance uses only the original parts to guarantee the 100% quality performance.

Ranges brands

That We Professionally Repair
Whirlpool cooktop repair service NJ Maytag cooktop repair service NJ LG cooktop repair service NJ Jenn-air cooktop repair service NJ
General-Electric cooktop repair service NJ Frigidaire cooktop repair service NJ Kenmore cooktop repair service NJ Amana cooktop repair service NJ
Samsung cooktop repair service NJ Bosch cooktop repair service NJ KitchenAid cooktop repair service NJ Electrolux cooktop repair service NJ

When should you call a specialist?

Common issues, symptoms and breakdowns
    • The temperature is inconsistent

High heat is as much uncomfortable and dangerous for your meal as low. It’s a cooking we talk about, for the sake of God! There are no unimportant details, especially the oven temperature.

    • One of the elements doesn’t work

Maybe, you have noticed that one of the elements isn’t working properly. The reason should be identified as soon as possible, as it can be spread on to other parts of the appliance.

    • Range is too hot

If you like the recipes with the low-coking technologies then too high temperature of the kitchen range will cross out all your efforts put in those kinds of meals. The specialist will identify the reason of the breakage and will bring the ability to clearly set the temperature back to your range.

    • Things are not cooking properly

For many recipes it is crucial to stick to the temperature setting advice. For instance, when something needs to be put in the hot oven, in other case the meal won’t be tasty. If the oven doesn’t heat to the necessary temperature… we are waiting for your call.

    • Timer doesn’t work

Surely you know how important it is to watch out the time for cooking. Sometimes several seconds determine whether it will be a cooking masterpiece or catastrophe. So, broken timer is not a critical problem but why do you need to tolerate the inconveniences and find the alternatives to watch the time when you can just call the technician?

    • Range Won’t start

This is a very obvious and critical reason to contact the repair service. As there can be many reasons why the cooker or range won’t start, and it is necessary to find the one which should be removed.

Other appliances

That We Professinally Repair

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