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Elimination of coooking top malfunctions

Cooking top is one of the most important kitchen devices. As any other appliance, it

is prone to break downs, but you may repair it on your own simply enough. If the

malfunction is detected within the warranty period, your cooktop will be repaired for

free. However, if the cooktop malfunctioned after several years, you may try

repairing it yourself, as services of the technician may cost just little less than the

new stove.

In this article, our specialists has listed all cooktop malfunctions and described the

stages of the faulty parts repair.


Electric cooking top


The cooking top won’t turn on. This is the most common malfunction of electric

cooktops: the appliance is plugged into the outlet, but it is either nor functioning or

only one of the burners is working. You can repair it yourself in the following stages:

1. Check the voltage in the outlet – outlet contact often burn out due to large power


2. Check the plug and the cord for mechanical damage – the circuit may short out or

break. The damage is most often observed in the places where the panel is

connected to the outlet. When you find the damage, replace the cord.

3. Disconnect power, remove fasteners and dismantle the cooktop from the table

board. Disassemble the cooktop and move to the next step.

4. Take a multimeter and check the electric transformer; next check the thermal

switch. In the absence of resistance or if it differs significantly from the one

specified by the manufacturer, the parts need to be replaced; you may purchase

them in many electronics stores.

5. One cooktop burner is not functioning – you need to check all the cords for

circuit opening, as well as their connections to the burners, the thermal switch,

switches, control panel. If the problem is not visible, all the contacts are in place,

take a multimeter and check each connection.

If you don’t have a multimeter, you may use an electrician’s screwdriver, which

helps check voltage in all sections of the circuit. We also recommend you watch the

video that will help you repair your cooktop yourself.


Electrical cooktop malfunctions


Major malfunctions that users may encounter are the following:

 Safety fuse has burn out – this results from the power surge. Low price on the new

fuse and easy replacement process simplify the repairs of this malfunction. We

recommend buying a device that would protect your electrical grid from power


 If one or two burners are not working. Check the wire feeding voltage to the

tubular electric element. It comes unsoldered under the influence of high

temperature. The maintenance is very simple, just solder it in place with the

soldering iron. If the circuit is not broken, then it is a tubular electric element that

has burnt down; you will need to buy a new one. Before replacing it, make sure

there is a circuit between the tubular electric element and the control panel; poor

contact may be the reason for break down.

 The sensor is not working – the cooktop will not turn on. This is one of the rarest

and most difficult cooktop breakdowns. You may check the circuit again; if there is

no opening, then the entire sensor panel needs replacing, but it is better to use

professional services. Incorrect usage or care with prohibited washing products

may be the reason. Only a specialist who knows electronics well may repair such

malfunction at home.

 The burner is heating poorly or not heating at all. The reason consists in poor

contact with the heating element, thermostat controller, or thermostat – – just check

for electricity between these segments.

 The cooking top is heating too much and working without turning off –

thermostat failure. The thermostat may not be repaired, you need to buy a new one.

 Glass ceramic surface cracked. Find out the reason: if you did not drop anything

heavy on it, call the service center, this is a typical manufacturing defect, the

manufacturer will repair it for free. If you are to blame for the crack, have the service

center repair the cooktop,as it is quite difficult to do it yourself. Please note that it is

very expensive to replace the glass, therefore, use the cooktop according to the



Inductive cooktop


Though inductive cooktops are the most modern and high-tech devices, they may

still break down. Let’s review the main failures of induction cooktops and see which

repairs may be done by yourself.

1. The induction cooktop won’t turn on or turns off immediately – most often, this

is a characteristic feature of such cooktops rather than malfunction. Induction

cooktops have a protective functionality and if you use wrong diameter or material

of the utensils, the cooktop turns the power off automatically, the burner is not

heating. Moreover, the burner will turn off automatically if you remove the dish.

2. Induction cooktops heat long and poorly – read the manual to find out

requirements in relation to the utensils. 90% of faulty induction cooktops are related

to the use of improper utensils.

3. Induction cooktop turns on automatically, though there is no dishes on it.

Remove any metal objects and clean the cooktop from salt; if this does not help,

the problem consists in the control unit, its repair or replacement is needed. Contact

the service center.

4. Induction Panel is not working. Diagnostics and repair procedures are the same,

the specialist first checks the fuse and then checks the entire circuit to find the

opening and replace the burnt out part.


Gas cooktop


Gas cooktop is the last kind of cooking appliances. This failure is one of the

simplest and the most easy-to- repair by yourself. It has less electronics, therefore,

there are fewer failures, all of which are easily eliminated.

 Gas does not ignite or ignites poorly. Check electric ignition for blockage or fluid. In

90% of cases, it is enough to wash and dry it thoroughly. If this does not help,

check the electricity in the circuit leading to the pz coil.

 The gas cooktop won’t turn on, as gas is not supplied to the burner. In this case,

the cooktop does not require repairs, preventive actions are enough. Check the gas

pipe: if the valve is open and there is gas in the system, proceed to checking the

burners. It may be blocked with grease or food remains, therefore simple cleaning

is enough. Don’t forget to dry the burner after cleaning, there should remain no

moisture. If the moisture remains, pz wil not ignite.

Modern cooking tops are equipped with failure detection sensors and diagnostic

modules; the screen will display the error code. Find the code in the user manual

and follow the instructions to eliminate the failure. Use forums where you may find

real feedback and experience in repairs from the experts and other users related to

your appliance model with step-by- step instructions and pictures.

If you analyze all the cooktop malfunctions that may occur in the course of usage, it

is safe to say that most of them may be repaired single-handedly.


To summarize, rating of malfunctions


 Fuse burnt out

 Broken contact

 Broken chain

 Cable damage

 Cooktop, burner clog

 Broken tubular electric element

 Faulty sensor

All of these failures may be eliminated single-handedly. If you encounter a more

complex problem and are unsure about your knowledge and abilities, call our

service center.

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