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What should you do if the induction hob won’t work?

If your induction hob is not working, then there may be several causes of its malfunction:


• The hob is switched off and won’t turn on.

If the device is up-to- date, then it may have a turn-on protection. In this case, power supply

can be disconnected as a result of the fact that cookware diameter is not suitable. In

addition, do not worry if the surface does not heat up, and only cookware is heated.


• Slowly heating up or slightly warm.

If cookware is heating up slowly, then the reason is probably in the cooking zone. In order

for the dishes to heat up quickly, its bottom should be flat. Otherwise, the panel simply

does not “notice” the dishes.


• Turns on by its own and without dishes.

A metallic object that is probably placed on the panel and triggers the operation may

cause this malfunction. In addition, the cause may be salt remaining on the surface.


• Does not work at all.

If your device does not work at all, then you have to disassemble the appliance and check

the entire chain. Usually, the repair is reduced to the fact that you will need to replace the



If you can not determine and fix the problem yourself, we recommend contacting our

service center.

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