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Dryer Repair Service in Miami

Expert Local Repair of Foreign and Domestic Brands

There is a dryer in each household. It is considered a basic home appliance that saves time and money.  It dries clothes, towels, linen fast: you do not have to wait for it. Some customers do not imagine their life without dryers.  When a dryer is broken, they do not know what to do. All you need to do is to call a reliable repair service in Miami – our team will solve the problem.

Advanced Appliance Company offers quality service and repairs of most major kitchen and laundry appliances. Our repairman will come to your house on a scheduled day and time to fix the dryer and other broken appliances and to get them working again. You will be able to dry your clothes again. Call us and schedule an appointment!

Types of Dryers We Repair

Specializing in all Gas and Electric Types of Dryers
  • Electric Dryers
  • Gas Dryers
  • Sensor Dryers
  • Vented Dryers


Local Technicians
same and next day service

Fixed Prices
on diagnostics and repairs


90 day warranty
on all repairs

90 day warranty
on OEM manufacturer parts

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Mon-Sun: 8am – 9pm

Live Operators: 24/7

We provide full service repair



Appliance provides the high quality service for all main brands of dryers.


We fix 89% of the breakdowns at your place. Our technicians fix the problem in an extremely timely manner and provide you a guarantee for all their services. They will fix the problem so quickly that you will even forget that it has been there before.


If some part of the hardware is out of order we are ready to replace it with a new, original one from the producer of your dryer. Advance Appliance uses only original parts as only in this way we can assure you in the result and guarantee the proper work of the appliance.

Dryer brands

That We Professionally Repair
Whirlpool cooktop repair service NJ Maytag cooktop repair service NJ LG cooktop repair service NJ Jenn-air cooktop repair service NJ
General-Electric cooktop repair service NJ Frigidaire cooktop repair service NJ Kenmore cooktop repair service NJ Amana cooktop repair service NJ
Samsung cooktop repair service NJ Bosch cooktop repair service NJ KitchenAid cooktop repair service NJ Electrolux cooktop repair service NJ

When Should You Call A Specialist?

Common problems
    • Strange Noise

Your dryer is too noisy. Does it squeak or drum? Perhaps you hear strange noises or hissing when it works? It is time to call a repairman even if your dryer still functional. The technician will identify a problem before it because of a significant issue and fix it at a little cost..

    • No heat

Does your dryer work properly? Are your clothes dry? If it does not then something is wrong. When you have problems with temperature in your dryer, call us to set up an appointment. A technician will find out what causes the temperate problem and will fix it. There can be a minor problem with connections – and it can be adjusted in 10 minutes. It is better to fix a small problem before it became a big one.

    • Shaking and Moving

If your dryer is jumping, swinging and moving around, it means something is wrong.  It should be steady on the floor. Well, you can sit on top of your dryer to stop it from jumping (it is a joke) or you can call a technician who will come and fix it.

    • The dryer Does not start

When your dryer does not start, it is obvious that it is broken. There are many possible problems: switch, control panel, connectors, etc. Our technician will diagnose the problem, give you an estimate and when you approve the cost, he will fix it. Sometimes, DYI does not work, and you need an experienced repairman to deal with the issue. Repair of some brand dryers requires special training from the manufacturer.

    • The dryer doesn’t tumble

It is a major problem when the dryer stops tumbling, and it requires the attention of a professional technician. If the drum does not rotate, the dryer will not work. Sometimes, it takes only 15 minutes for a technician to identify a problem and to fix it.

    • Turns off too soon

When your dryer leaves your laundry wet, it is not fun. It can happen because the dryer does not finish the cycle to switch off. You need to find and fix the reason for the appliance malfunction. Our experiences repairman can fix your dryer, and you will be able to complete your laundry routine.

Other appliances

That We Professinally Repair

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Servicing Miami-Dade and Broward Counties
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