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Dryer Repair or Replacement

People get upset when the dryer is broken, but they do nothing. They prefer not repair it because they are afraid of a high price for repairs.

We offer affordable rates and friendly services.  We focus on customer’s satisfaction and high quality. In the article, we will describe what problems with your dryer can be solved with DIY tricks and when to schedule an appointment.


Generally speaking, we can classify 3 types of dryer problems:

  • easy fixes (DIY) issues;
  • part replacements;
  • professional repair.

Easy fixes with DIY tricks:

Lint Buildup. Check for lint build up and clean the filters regularly. If you do not do it, it can amount to a significant problem. Always clean lint from your dryer.

Sensor Problems. Does your dryer turn off before the cycles are over? Clean the sensors, so they register the temperature. Remove lint and dirt from the sensors with a wet cloth: wipe it dry.

Door Problems. Pay attention to the doors of the dryer. Does it close properly?  Does it stay close? Read the manual instruction to see if there are fixes for it. Check the door: sometimes there is dirt that prevents it from closing.

Problems for Repair?


Clogged Vent.

If your clothes do not dry during the first cycle and you have to rerun it, it is a problem. Try to use the high-temperature cycle and check the airflow from the duck. If the hot air is not coming out it is time to call a repairman. If you run your dryer on high-temperature cycle, but no hot air comes out – it can overheat the appliance and even cause a fire.

Call us 305-351-1540 and schedule the appointment.

Strange Odors. If you smell gas or other odd odors, you should disconnect the dryer immediately.  If it is a gas leak or other problem, call the gas company to fix it. Call and schedule an appointment with our repairman to fix your dryer.



Wear and Tear. Dryers get old and obsolete. The manufacturers guarantee 8-10 years of function.  When your appliance is old,  it is better to replace it. We advise to buy a new dryer!

Smoke or Fire. If you see smoke out of your dryer: put out the fire yourself or immediately call 911. Your dryer is dangerous and cannot be fixed. It is time to buy a new and safer dryer!DIY-repairs-on-household-appliances

Dear customers, you can contact us with your questions and suggestions for future topics for the articles. If you want to schedule a repair, call us. Our repairman will fix your appliance.

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