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Cleaning and caring after the drying machine: pieces of advice from the experts

If the dryer is not in use, and during its cleaning and maintenance, unplug it from the

power supply.

The condensate formed during drying is collected in a container for condensation.

Pour out the condensate from the container after each drying!

Cleaning the fluff filters of the dryer.

Fluff filters are located in the compartment of the door and lock of the loading hatch, they

retain fibers formed during drying. Filters should be cleaned after each drying.

An additional wet cleaning of the fluff filter is necessary only if it is strongly clogged. Clean

the filter with a hot water jet. Wipe the filter thoroughly and carefully.

Cleaning of the drying machine

Do not use abrasive, solvent-containing, glass cleaning or universal cleaning products. Its

chemical components can damage plastic surfaces and other parts of the device.

Clean the dryer with a slightly damp cloth using a mild detergent or soap solution. The

parts of the machine made of stainless steel (for example, a drum) may be cleaned with

stainless steel cleaning solutions.

Wipe all parts with a dry soft cloth.

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