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How to clean the inlet filter?

Many have heard about the need to clean the washing machine filter, but only few have

any idea where this very device is located. Some are starting to look for it near the filling

hose, others look for it next to the drain hose. And most interestingly, both parties

sometimes find them! The fact is that some washing machines have two filters. Both of

them require regular cleaning.


How to clean the inlet filter


Not all machines have it, therefore the question “How to clean the inlet filter used to fill

the machine with water?” is only relevant to some users. However, one needs to know it


The filling device, which consists in a small net, purifies water from various polluting

elements, including rust, before the water fills the machine. It is located near the water

feeding valve, to which a main hose is attached. Therefore, the machine is first

disconnected from the water supply and only then the hose is unscrewed. The filter is then

removed from the valve using pincers.

The net, which is filled with dirt and rust, is cleaned using a small brush, then the stream

of hot tap water is used to rinse it thoroughly. Clean filter is set in place in the reverse



The frequency of cleaning this device depends on the quality of water that enters the

machine. If the water is not clean enough, then it will contain a lot of debris. If the water

quality is poor, install another filter – an external filter that will clean water before it enters

the feeding valve of the machine. Then the machine filter will be clogged less often.


Peculiarities of drain filter cleaning


The owners are interested in having their household helper serve them without crashes.

Blockage of this mechanism affects the drain pump.

It is located in the bottom of the machine, usually under the plastic cover. If it is absent,

take off the entire panel. It is fixed with latches: press them with your hand or screwdriver

and remove the cover. The filter looks like a plug screwed into the machine. It is supposed

to be unscrewed easily: by turning it counterclockwise. Some models may have additional

fastening with the screw – then, unscrew it first.

Before removing the device from the slot, prepare a low-level container for the remains

of dirty water that will run. Then remove the debris from the opening and wash the filter

removing all accumulated dirt. When putting the device back in place, screw it all the way.

Otherwise, the tank will leak.


It sometimes happens that you cannot unscrew the filter this way: it may be clogged

with dirt so bad, that it almost soldered the device. If this is the case, place the machine on

the side and first unscrew the pump, then start removing the stuck filter. If you fail again,

remove the entire structure and disassemble it on the horizontal surface.

Generally, preventive cleaning of the washing machine drain filter is a simple procedure,

but it must be done regularly. Of course, not every one may cope with such work by

himself; therefore, we recommend you call our specialists.

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